Tea Party Fan

I am a huge fan of the Tea Party. I attended the National Summit in Phoenix and the April rally in Washington D.C. as well as other smaller events.
I believe the  Tea Party is important because it is a vehicle that we can all use to achieve those goals we all support, smaller government, the constitution, capitalism, lower taxes, in my case I support the Fair Tax which would gather more taxes and collect them fairly. The Tea Party opposes Socialism, Marxism and Communism.
These are broadly held beliefs and easy for us all to rally behind.
It is very important that we all join the Tea Party and donate as much as possible. It’s important because if we do not band together behind a common cause, we will be eliminated one at a time.
I believe it important to note that I trust the leadership of the national Tea Party. I have seen Jenny Beth Martin two or three times in person and several times on TV. She carries herself well and has the leadership qualities one might expect. That is not always the case but I believe she really cares and we can trust her.

My personal view is that America has been going down hill for many years. Maybe as far back as 1913.  Socialism / Marxism has been creeping into our lives though they changed the name to Progressive.  We are awakening in America. We see the problem now but it is so entrenched that eradicating it will not be easy. Recognizing the problem is the first step. If there is someone you know that has not had their eyes opened yet then our job is to open them.  We need the silent majority to take head of what is happing in America and crush those who would bring us down. Many hands make little work.


The Choir Boy

Several years ago A friend of mine’s wife passed away. She was a very nice lady and everyone loved her. Her husband Joe knew everyone in town and had a big family. I was friends with most of them.

A service was held at a local church.  I arrived on time but the church was full. I looked around but no seats were available. I went upstairs to the balcony where I found Sparro, a friend and the son.  Sperro is a good singer and plays the guitar. He was set up in the balcony to sing a song for his deceased mom during the service. The balcony looked full to me but I gave Sparro my condolences  and he pointed out a seat on the other side of the balcony.  He said ” There’s a seat over there Jer, go over there”  So I quickly did, not wanting to disrupt the proceedings that seemed to be beginning.

The seat was in the front row so I had a really great view of everything and everyone in the seating below. The service got started and everything was beautiful. They announced that Sperro was going to sing a song for his mom and he did. It was very emotional for everyone. Then they announced that the choir would sing one of her favorite songs.  With that everyone in my section stood up with hymnal in hand and began to sing.  I found my self sitting in the first row of the choir without a book lip syncing songs I did not know.  I was handed a book that I opened to any page to make it look as though I knew what I was doing. As I looked down below at all the people. It  seemed most if not all had turned around in their seats to see the choir and listen to the music. I could read their lips. Look, Jerry’s in the choir. 🙂  I thought I was gonna die. Thought and thought what to do. Should I walk off ?  Should I remain seated ?  I was mortified. I decided to stand there and do my best milli vanilli lip sync  till it was over and I could crawl out of there.

Nothing no matter how bad it is, nothing  lasts forever. I stuck it out and no one it seems knew the difference except for about fifteen people standing behind me wondering who the heck I was and what the heck I was doing there.       Somewhere each Sunday there is a Choir looking for a Choir-boy that never returned. I will never make that mistake again.  And thats the truth.

No Child Left Behind

I was watching a Glenn Beck show with teachers in his audience.

One of the topics was the President George Bush law, “No child left behind”

I take issue with that bill. It is a horrible  bill.

The law makes it impossible to throw bad kids out of school. If you went to a public school like I did, you know there is no shortage of bad kids.

Kids that disrupt class and refuse to learn, and cannot pass a simple multiple choice standardized test. Many with the full support of  parents who were born ignorant and have been going down-hill ever since. These parents call teachers and berate them using  filthy language knowing full well there is nothing the teacher can do.

The teacher has to keep the child in their class room, and they have to keep taking time away from good students to deal with them.

If you have to remove a child, the school district must find classes for them.  In Pennsylvania,  that can cost as much as $40,000 dollar a year to the district. The school districts cannot afford that so they stay in the class making life intolerable for everyone else. This is foolish, and  just flat-out wrong.

Another reason I am against no child left behind.

Some of my best friends and  hero’s were children left behind, for instance, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Jackson,  and even Rachel Ray. I think you get the point. Some people do not need or belong in school to find success.  Some find it boring and need to get on with their life.  Some children need to be, and would be better off, if they were left behind so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong I am in favor of education. Knowledge is power, it gives one a sense of freedom like nothing else.  But knowledge is obtained by degrees and cannot everywhere be found. For some it is public school. For others it may be the public library. To each their own.

You are free to learn as much or as little as you want and go as far as you want. But don’t forget, we need mechanics, truck drivers, construction workers, farmers and entrepreneurs too.

We can’t all be brain surgeons or bloggers.  😉

Foreign aid to Pakistan

I find it mind boggling that the U.S. government gives 18.6 BILLION taxpayers dollars to Pakistan.
What did we get for that exactly? Pakistan was our partner in the war on Terrorism.  Some partner, as it turns out Pakistan was hosting Osama Bin Laden.
Bin Laden who lived a football field away from Pakistani military base. Pakistani Generals lived as neighbors to him.
Could it be any more obvious?
My hope is our government will quickly go over the computers found at Bin Alden’s home and use that information to bring many more like-minded nuts to Navy Seal justice.
Then I would bring home all the troops from the region.
I would plan the removal of all troops in Iraq as well. If that government does not want us to leave we can make an arrangement with them to stay.
That deal would be a guaranteed 70 year oil deal that would allow us to purchase oil for no more than $65 dollars per barrel in exchange for protection.
The days of policing the world on the taxpayer dime would be over.
Put returning troops on the Mexican border. I am certain that 35,000 murders on and around the Mexican – American border is sufficient call for serious government action.
Serious consideration should be given to bringing troops stationed in Europe, Japan and Korea home as well.
I these countries want protection they need to pay for it.
I hope to hear from any of you who agree. I would like to hear other plans as well but the plan that has been in effect for many administrations now is a looser and we need change the taxpayer can believe in.

Showing your true colors.

I cannot for the life of me understand why this President is so damn smug. He looks down his nose at the American people like we are stupid.

Only after being forced by millions of truthers and pushed by Donald Trump to simply and honesty show us his birth certificate did he do so while insinuating that doubters were not worth his time.

Some agree thinking it is a diversion but I disagree. This guy does not answer any questions. He is as slippery as you can get.

We know what he is doing but none of the mainstreem media will call him out so what is left. Go back to the beginning and make him answer some simple questions that should have been answered long ago.

Maybe, just maybe his supporters will see what the rest of us have seen all along from this Harvard elite pompous ass  and hold back their vote next time.

What I mean is simply, I don’t think we can stop most of the damage Obama is going to do to America, but we can show the world his true colors.

Blue Laws


Many will remember when America had blue laws
I was fourteen or fifteen years old when blue Laws made it illegal to operate a business on Sundays unless it was a pretty important business.
You could not go grocery shopping on Sunday. You could not go to a department store.
It was a Christian country saying to its citizens, this is God’s day. Go to church, go home, spend time with your family and relax.  The work will be there Monday.

Families had large dinners together, watched television and talked. I remember sitting on the porch with my mom and dad. Just relaxing. Having a tall glass of lemonade, and watching the world go by.

My dad and I would usually end up making root beer floats together and were they good.  He would ask me what I learned at school, tease me about this or that and the day slowly passed.

I developed my thoughts on the subject after listening to others at the time. I thought blue laws were not necessary. Thought they were too restricting,
You see those were the best memories I have of my father who died when I reached 16 years old. My father worked 6 days a week in his own business and if he could work 7 he would have. I would not have had that time with him, or those memories.
I know now too you don’t really need to go grocery shopping or department store shopping on Sunday. You have all week for that.

Do you think your too busy to take Sunday off, give thanks to God and spend time with your family? So did I, once but no more.
I now see that changing the Blue Laws was just a way progressives found to take a little more of God and family out  of our lives and move us closer to a secular society.

I long for those relaxed days I spent with my mom and dad. I long for those days when God was respected by the Government God gave birth to.
I remember it as being totally good, just like a root beer float.

Lets be friends

Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me an opportunity to share  my thoughts with you.

I begin my first blog with some trepidation.

My mission is:

1. Our country is in danger of collapse. 2. Our borders need to be secured.  3.  I would like to promote patriotism, Capitalism, the founding fathers.

I support the http://www.FairTax.org, http://www.fairtaxnation.com, http://www.TeaParty.org, http://www.numbersusa.com,  www.jbs.org  ( John Birch Society ).
I hope to remain positive and not drag anyone down but will not shy away from painful thoughts as I believe some good comes from everything.
I believe strongly in the benefit of positive thinking so think positive.
I do believe from the bottom of my heart that all things are possible and all the world is our oyster. We need only believe.
I also believe that we must all work together to achieve our greatest goals.
The good book tells us Where there are two or more gathered together in my name.
Yes, I think we need his help.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope we can be good friends and accomplish great things.
Good bye for now.